anigraham asked:

Top 5 anime males!

You would, haha. A nice reversal of sorts, I usually have a list of favorite females, but not so much males. Let’s see…

  1. Koyomi Araragi - Difficult to have a top character, but he’d be it. I enjoy his perversion, his rampant need to help others, and wouldn’t mind his regular experiences with oddities.
  2. Shinji Ikari - Life is hard. Does not mean it’s bad, it’s just hard. His tragic past, let alone his problematic current, is fascinating to watch unwrap throughout the Evangelion series.
  3. Kyon - Being a heartbeat away from god has to be worth something, right? (If you watch Melancholy, you’ll understand). I love his cool, collective, and rather dismissive nature to the assumptions made around him. Always fun,
  4. Tatsuya Shiba - From one of the newest series I’ve watched, he’s downright cool, collective, and rather mysterious. There’s a part of my that could envy his nature to keep things under wraps, as well as under control no matter what. That and reacting to nothing.
  5. Lelouch Lamperouge - Reshaping the world to make it a better place for one person, that’s the premise anyhow. I guess I’ve always had something for this idea that the best solution to the world’s problems is taking it all away and rebuilding it from rubble. Centralize the hate and create new peace.

Honorable mention to Rinatrou Okabe of Steins;Gate, as well as worst person ever to exist in an anime ever, Makoto Ito of School Days.