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name: Chris.
nickname: None currently. Couple aliases online.
birthday: January 19th.
gender: Male.
sexuality: Straight.
height: 5 foot, 10 inches.
time zone: Pacific Time.
what time and date is it there: August 30, 12:15pm.
average hours of sleep i get each night: 6 - 7 hours.
otps: Never fully grasped the OTP concept, but I have a few from different series. Kurisu and Okabe. Tatsuya and Miyuki. Maybe Koyomi and Kanbaru. Kyosuke and Ayase. Lelouch and Kallen. Kyon and Haruhi. Naoto and Aoi. Most normal I imagine.
my most used phrase(s): Okay. Why? Hows it going?
first word that comes to mind: Sad.
what i last said to a family member: I honestly don’t know.
how many blankets i sleep under: One.
favourite beverage(s): Coffee, Diet Pepsi, and the occasional beer.
the last movie i watched in the cinema: Lucy. (it was alright)
three things i can’t live without: My Windows Phone, PC, and just enough money to exist safely.
something i plan on learning: Coding. Marketing myself.
a piece of advice for all my followers: Just remember to talk to people. I’ve made myself far too insular and imagine others may be in similar situations - though I have my own demons which drive me this way.

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