So, why win hearts and minds or tout some shining ideology, why not bring peace to the world with a system and power?

In ten days Damocles will enter the airspace of the United States of China, and then switch over to a secondary acceleration. After that, we’re scheduled to accent 300 kilometers above the surface. From there, we’ll hit ever enemy nation with F.L.E.I.J.A.s

Are you insane, we only agreed to use them against Lelouch? This will destroy the world. You are trying to control people through fear.

I’m grateful for what you did. I know if it weren’t for you I’ve had ended my life back in the Shinjuku Ghetto. The Black Knights would never have existed at all. I was glad, proud and honored to be needed by our masked leader Zero.

But, when I learned you were Zero, I didn’t understand anymore. Even so, the man I saw fighting against Britannia. Now you’ve joined forces with Suzaku. What are you really trying to do?

Do you want personal power? To be above everyone else? Or is this just a game to you?

During the Black Rebellion, Ohgi told me to guard you with my life. He told me, you could make my brother’s dream come true.

Lelouch, after everything we’ve been through, what do I mean to you? On the day you left the Ikaruga you told me Kallen you have to live.